Might you at any point inform us a piece concerning your instructive foundation? schools you joined in and a portion of the courses that you have done.

I concentrated on in Nigeria and in the UK. I did a structural designing course four year certification in Warwick,

UK and I did a graduate degree at the College School of London prior to getting once again to Nigeria.

So the Dantata family has been doing business starting around 1877 which is a truly quite a while in the past and I think the business began with selling groundnut and Kolanut. 

How has that been up to this point? Is that still the family line of business

We are a seriously enormous family and as you properly brought up my incredible granddad was an extraordinary business visionary and begun the business domain. 

He was into exchanging of groundnut and kolanut in the mid 1900s through the colonization period. From that point onward,

The most noticeable business visionary and head of the family is Aminu Dantata, who is into land and numerous different areas.

Educate us concerning your job in the privately-run company. Did you at any point get involved anytime? Was it something you generally anticipated joining?