With a tweet from the authority Pokemon account, a trailer for later - October 12 - was affirmed for Pokemon Red and Violet, 

and it's possible it will be a short livestream that is subsequently added to the authority YouTube channel.

 It has been affirmed that the trailer will be around one of the leftover Paldean Rec center Pioneers, and this time it is by all accounts the Electric-type expert

The video will apparently be held as though it was the Exercise center Pioneer, apparently called Iono, spilling to their crows. 

Truth be told, a solid leaker known as Riddler Khu uncovered months prior that every one of the Exercise center

 Forerunners in Pokemon Red and Violet will have a calling that is essential for their character or storyline,

al for their character or storyline, and Iono's could be livestreaming. The Twitter represent Pokemon Singapore was quick to name the Exercise center Pioneer Iono and discuss their stream 

 Pokemon Red and Violet's spilled Pokedex incorporates Pawmi and its developments, a seagull Pokemon that is Electric/Flying and goes about as the local bird species, lastly an Electric/Mystic frog

the most plausible of the bundle because of Pawmi being one of the Pokemon utilized by the opponent Nemona.