Current Repo Rate 2022

Repo rate is defined as the rate of interest at which the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) lends money to commercial banks.

What is repo rate 

RBI Repo Rate 30 Sep 2022

Repo Rate5.40%

RBI Repo Rate 30 Sep 2022

Bank Rate - 5.15%

RBI Repo Rate 30 Sep 2022

Reverse Repo Rate - 3.35%

RBI Repo Rate 30 Sep 2022

Marginal Standing Facility Rate5.15%

How Does RBI Calculate Repo Rate?

On the basis of the economic condition, as discussed in the last paragraph, the RBI regulates the repo rate. The rates are decided by the central bank on the basis of the inflation or recession in the market of the country.

The Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) announced in August 2022 that the repo rate has been increased by 50 basis points and the rate is now 5.40%.

'Repo'' stands for Repurchase Agreement or Repurchasing Option. Banks avail loans from the central bank (the RBI) by selling eligible securities